Friday, 7 January 2011

Day One!

Not sure what to call this, so I called it Day One. It's not really day one, been in this position for a long time, but it's day one for this blog.

Currently, I have a whole bunch of servers up and running doing the following:

3 Domain Controllers, 2 DNS servers , 3 Exchange Servers, a PPTP Server, a File Server, an Application Server and a Terminal Server.

These guys are all currently hosted over a mixture of five virtualisation servers, running either XEN, on Centos, or VMware ESX Servers.

While this is a pretty sweet setup - I've decided to 'rotate' my servers. During the installation and setup of this site, it was pretty adhoc. Applications installed and removed, systems configured with more resources than needed. I want to clean up the domain, to make it as efficient as possible.

I've got hold of a new machine - Which will serve as the starting point to allow me install my 'perfect' network. This is just my opinion, and I would welcome input along the way. (If anyone reads this!)

So, my first decision -
What will be the base for my new server?
I pick Centos, so that I can use xen to host the new machines of the domain. Reason? I've been using it for years, and I know it, and I can get it up and running pretty quickly. Feel free to comment if you feel otherwise :)

Well, I got to get cracking, so I'll see you on the other side.

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